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An awesome collection of React Hooks & Utilities!

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What is this?

Haiku is a simple & lightweight React library with the goal of saving you time by offering a large collection of hooks & utilities that will help you get the job done faster & more efficiently!


Installing Haiku is very easy! Requires React >=16.8.0


npm install react-haiku


yarn add react-haiku


pnpm install react-haiku

Usage Examples

Please check the official Documentation for full usage examples.

Using Hooks

import { useHover } from 'react-haiku';

const Component = () => {
  const { hovered, ref } = useHover();

  return (
    <p ref={ref}>
      {hovered ? 'All mice on me' : 'No mice on me'}

export default Component;

Using Utilities

import { For } from 'react-haiku';

const Component = () => {
    const list = [{ name: 'React' }, { name: 'Haiku' }]

        	<For each={list} render={(item, index) =>

export default Component;



  • useClipboard() – Copy data to the user’s clipboard!
  • useHover() – Quick way to detect if your mouse is over an element!
  • useInputValue() – Manage input state with this simple hook!
  • useLeaveDetection() – Detect when your user’s cursor leaves the page!
  • useMediaQuery() – Manipulate your component using media queries!
  • useMousePosition() – Detect the current position of the mouse relative to a target or the whole document!
  • usePrefersTheme() – Detect the user’s preferred system theme!
  • useScript() – Attach script tags to the document from your components!
  • useToggle() – Toggle state values between two different options!
  • useBoolToggle() – Toggle boolean state values!
  • useUrgentUpdate() – Force render a component when calling this hook!
  • useClickOutside() – Detect clicks outside a target element!
  • useConfirmExit() – Prompt the user with a message before closing the tab if the state is set as dirty.
  • useDebounce() – Debounce state changes to react to updates after a delay!
  • useEventListener() – Set event listeners on the window object or a specific target element!
  • useFavicon() – Dynamically update the website’s favicon from a component!
  • useFirstRender() – Check whether or not a component is on its first render!
  • useHold() – Handle long presses on a target element and execute a handler after a set delay!
  • useIdle() – Detect user activity/inactivity on the page based on events!
  • useIsomorphicLayoutEffect() – Switch between useEffect and useLayoutEffect depending on the execution environment (SSR VS Browser)!
  • useLocalStorage() – Manage localStorage values dynamically
  • useScrollPosition() – Access the current scroll position on the page and modify it programatically.
  • useSingleEffect() – Run the useEffect hook strictly only once when the component is mounted!
  • useTitle() – Update the document’s title from your components!
  • useUpdateEffect() – Similar to useEffect, but it skips the first render of a component, and only react to updates triggered by dependency values.


  • If – Component for simple conditional rendering!
  • Show – Component for complex conditional rendering!
  • For – Dynamic rendering component with automatic key assignment!
  • RenderAfter – Component that renders its children after a set delay.


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