E-Commerce Project with React and Redux Toolkit

This project is an e-commerce web application built using React and Redux Toolkit. The project includes a filtering feature that allows users to filter products based on increasing and decreasing prices using an interactive slider component. Additionally, the application fetches product data from an external API to provide real-time product information.

Features Price Filtering: Users can utilize an interactive slider component in a separate section to filter products based on increasing or decreasing prices. This enables users to easily find products that fit within their budget.

API Integration: The project interacts with an external API to fetch real-time product data, ensuring users have access to the most up-to-date information.

Shopping Cart Management: Users can add products to their shopping carts, remove items, and view the cart’s contents. This enhances the shopping experience and allows users to manage their selections effectively.

Setup Navigate to the project directory and run the command npm install in your terminal. Install the necessary dependencies. Start the project by running the command npm start. Access the project in your browser by visiting localhost:3000. Usage On the homepage, you can view the products and use the slider section to filter products by price. To add products to your shopping cart, use the “Add to Cart” button. By clicking on the cart icon, you can view and manage the cart’s contents. Manage the order process by creating an account and logging in. Contribution and Improvements Contributions are always welcome! You can create pull requests to contribute or fix issues within the project. Additionally, feel free to share any feedback through issues. Your contributions will be evaluated to enhance the project’s quality and provide a better e-commerce experience.

Kullanılan Teknolojiler

React | Redux toolkit | ReactSlider




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