Zero Boilerplate Redux

A common criticism of Redux is that it requires writing a lot of boilerplate.
This is an application that is meant to show a sophisticated CRUD webapp built
with React that is built using nearly zero Redux boilerplate.

Technologies used


  • Node v8+
  • npm v5+

Note: This project should also work on earlier versions of Node and npm. It just hasn't
been tested.


Make sure you have the prequisite technologies listed above. Then, clone this repository.

git clone [email protected]:jmeas/zero-boilerplate-redux.git

Navigate into the repository, and install the dependencies using npm.

npm install

This project is a real CRUD application that operates on your GitHub Gists. Therefore,
you will need to supply credentials to access your GitHub Gists in the form of a
GitHub Personal Access Token.

Follow those instructions, then create the file ./src/personal-access-token.json. It should have the following

  "username": "YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME",
  "token": "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN"

For instance, mine looks something like the following:

  "username": "jamesplease",
  "token": "12345"

Alright, that's it – you're ready to start the app now! Run npm start to start the application, then navigate to
http://localhost:3000/ in your browser.


If you're building a CRUD application, you likely need to work with a lot of
forms. For simplicity's sake, this project doesn't use a forms library.

Two forms libraries that are worth looking into are: