An integration of react-window with react-select to efficiently render large lists.

Installation and Usage

The easiest way to use react-windowed-select is to install it from npm:

npm install react-windowed-select

Then use it in your app:

import React from "react";
import WindowedSelect from "react-windowed-select";

const options = [];

for (let i = 0; i < 10000; i += 1) {
    label: `Option ${i}`,
    value: i

function App () {
  return <WindowedSelect options={options} />;

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react-windowed-select is just a wrapper around react-select.
All props passed to the WindowedSelect component are forwarded to the default exported Select component
from react-select.

windowThreshold | default = 100

The number of options beyond which the menu will be windowed.

Named Exports

All of the named exports from react-select are re-exported from react-windowed-select for easy access to features
that allow you to customize your Select component.

import { components, createFilter } from 'react-windowed-select';
import React from "react";

const options = [
  { value: 1, label: 'Foo' },
  { value: 2, label: 'Bar '},

const customFilter = createFilter({ ignoreAccents: false });
const customComponents = {
  ClearIndicator: (props) => <components.ClearIndicator {...props}>clear</components.ClearIndicator>

function App () {
  return (

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By default, react-windowed-select wraps the standard Select component from react-select.
If you want to add windowing to the Async or Creatable Select components from react-select, use the WindowedMenuList:

import { WindowedMenuList } from 'react-windowed-select';
import CreatableSelect from 'react-select/creatable';

function App () {
  return (
      components={{ MenuList: WindowedMenuList }}
      // ...other props

Custom Styles

You can still use the styles API from react-select to customize how your Select component looks.
The height property of the Option, GroupHeading, NoOptionsMessage and/or LoadingMessage components is used to determine the total height of the windowed menu and the following defaults are provided:

Component Default Height
Option 35px
GroupHeading 25px
NoOptionsMessage 35px
LoadingMessage 35px

To override these values, use the styles prop like you would with a regular react-select component.

    option: (base) => ({
      height: 60,
      padding: '20px 12px',

Grouped Options

Grouped options are not fully supported.
In order to ensure proper scrolling and focus behavior, options nested inside the Group component are flattened. This changes the component structure within MenuList in the following way:

│   │
|   └───GroupHeading
└───Option 1
└───Option 2