A shell utility to interactively select lines from stdin and output them to stdout. This allows you to effectively pause the pipeline to make a manual selection before the pipeline, or other composed command, continues.

graph LR;
  a[some pipeline]-->|some lines| lineselect;
  lineselect-->|a subset of those lines| b[some other pipeline];

The applications are end-less

For example, select files to delete

ls | lineselect | xargs rm

Select files from a list sorted by size and delete those files

ls -lS | lineselect | tr -s ' ' | cut -d ' ' -f 9 | xargs rm

Select docker containers to stop:

docker stop $(docker ps | lineselect  | cut -d ' ' -f 1)

(z)Grep some some log files of interest:

ls dpkg.log* | lineselect | xargs zgrep upgrade

Demo Video



$ npm install -g lineselect


Built using the amazing React-for-CLI 🌈 Ink library . With the key insight of writing directly to the TTY, by-passing stdout, to render the TUI without messing up the eventual output to stdout taken from and 🙏.


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