An online books system, implemented using spring boot, H2, and JPA as the backend, react and react-bootstrap as the front end. Contains functions such as books and authors. The system uses many reusable components to improve the reusability of the project.


Getting started

You can view a live demo over at

To get the backend running locally:

  • Clone this repo
  • Download Sources through pom.xml file
  • Run the BooksSpringbootApplication file

The source code for the frontend can be found in the main books-react-bootstrap repo.

To get the frontend file: books-react-bootstrap running locally:

  • npm install to install all req'd dependencies
  • npm start to start the local server (this project uses create-react-app)

Getting startedMaking requests to the backend API

For convenience, there is a live API server running at for the application to make requests against. You can view the API spec here which contains all routes & responses for the server.

If you want to change the API URL to a local server, simply edit src/main/resources/ and change server.port to the local server's URL (i.e. http://localhost:8088/doc.html)