Interaction is an open-source chat application that allows different people from the world to interact in real time, in either private or public rooms.

What is this?

This is a simple full stack chat application that allows user to chat publicly and privately using web sockets.


This application will use the monorepo yarn spaces approach using lerna to share code among packages server and client.

1. server

The server will be running as an express application that will be serve a graphql api for messages across rooms. We are going to use Object Relational Model (ORM) to be more specific mikro-orm to manage and create entities that will persist data in the postgres database.

2. web

The web application is using react.js with typescript as a programming language and css, scss and sass for styling components.


For the authentication we are going to use jwt.

consuming graphql api from the client

We are going to use the graphql-code-generator with hooks to consume the graphql api from the client.

app icons

We are going to use react icons for the application icons in the frontend.



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