This is an open source e-commerce skateshop build with everything new in Next.js 13. It is bootstrapped with create-t3-app.


Warning This project is still in development and is not ready for production use.

It uses new technologies (server actions, drizzle ORM) which are subject to change and may break your application.

Tech Stack


  • Authentication with Clerk
  • File uploads with uploadthing
  • Newsletter subscription with React Email and Resend
  • Subscription, payment, and billing with Stripe
  • Storefront with products and categories
  • Seller and customer workflows
  • Admin dashboard with stores, products, orders, subscriptions, and payments


1. Clone the repository

git clone

2. Install dependencies

pnpm install

3. Create a .env file

Create a .env file in the root directory and add the environment variables as shown in the .env.example file.

4. Run the application

pnpm run dev

5. Push database

pnpm run db:push

6. Listen for stripe events

pnpm run stripe:listen

How do I deploy this?

Follow the deployment guides for Vercel, Netlify and Docker for more information.


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