Social Icons 3D

This project was created for learning purposes in 3D objects with React.

Commands: Use yarn to install dependencies and yarn dev to start project.

For this project, i used the following libraries 3D:

And for the 3D models, the .OBJ formats were rendered to .GLTF using Blender and the libraries:

  • gltf-pipeline
    • Using the command: gltf-pipeline -i <file.gltf> -o <newfile.gltf> -d. To optimize the 3D file
  • gltfjsx
    • Using the command: npx gltfjsx <newfile.gltf> -t. To create a React file using the resources of the react-three library. Note: -t will create a .tsx file with typings.

Some examples of icons in Blender:

Blender Resources


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