Cuby Text


Cuby Text is:

  • An experimental knowledge management app
  • An app focused on writing
  • An open source app
  • A personal project

Cuby Text is NOT:

  • An open-source alternative to a commercial product
  • A stable product


Many excellent knowledge management apps are based on extended markdown files. They are powerful but not expressive.

New products use blocks to organize their content. It’s very inspirational. I like them, but I want privacy and native experiences too.

So I created CubyText. It’s fast and designed to be extensible. To achieve this goal I built the blocky editor.

It doesn’t have complex concepts, just simple pages and blocks. No big deal.




  • Simple and flexible

  • Everything is a block

  • Rich-text, with markdown shortcuts

    Bold Heading
    • Press [[ to create references

  • Multiple tabs

  • Auto outline/graph generation

  • Cross platforms

    • MacOS
    • Windows
    • Linux
  • Local first

    • All data are stored locally in one file, easy to transfer and backup

    • Fast loading and searching

Work in progress:

  • Custom themes(WIP)
  • Extensions(WIP)


The primary third-party libraries and frameworks:

The principles:

  • The dependencies should be as few as possible
  • The tech stack should be easy to learn and contribute




How to sync data between devices?

TLDR: not support yet

This feature is intended to be implemented by the extension API.


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