Mac OS Monterey Web

This open source project aims to replicate some of the Mac OS(Moneterey, at the time)’s desktop experience on web, using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS and JS


I’ve always been very fascinated with macOS, and have never owned a Mac/book. So I’m making the most beautiful aspect of macOS, it’s desktop, myself. For web. Inspired from WinXP.


  • Framework – Preact (Earlier React. Swapped for runtime performance gains)
  • Bundler – Vite, for super fast development.
  • Component Library – None!!
  • Styling Solution – SCSS and CSS Modules.


When will it be ready?

Who knows?

Can I contribute?

Sure, open an issue, point out errors, and what not. Wanna fix something yourselves, you’re welcome to open a PR and I appreciate it.