Video/Audio Transcriber

An OpenAI’s Whisper-based full-stack project to transcribe audio and video files using React & Django.


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You need the latest versions of pipenv and node to setup this project.

  • First clone the repository git clone and navigate to the project’s folder cd transcribe-video-audio
  • Install the dependencies of both the client and server.
  • Run both the client and server separately
  • Go to http//localhost:3000 to upload and transcribe your media files.

1- To install the server’s dependencies, in the terminal run the following:

  cd api
  pipenv install
  pipenv shell 
  pipenv run python makemigrations
  pipenv run python migrate
  pipenv run server

2- To run the client, execute the following commands:

  cd client
  yarn install
  touch .env.local
  yarn dev

You need to have the following env variables in your .env.local file:


Adjust these if your going to deploy to any remote server.

  • Navigate to http://localhost:3000/ to see if the client is working and the file upload section is visible.
  • Since this project uses websockets to send realtime-messages between the client and server, you need to see if the console of the client is showing connected, which means both client and server can exchange messages.

3- Select a video or audio file to upload The transcripts will be extracted and displayed on the page.

4- You can also view all your uploaded video and audio files and see their transcriptions. Their is an additional export button that allows you to download a JSON file with all their information.

  • Note that this project only allows MP4, and MP3 format files.
  • Additional Notes Make sure ffmpeg is installed on your machine and available on your system’s PATH




Contributions are always welcome!

Open a PR or an issue for extra features and bug fixes.



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