An unstyled, accessible accordion library for React apps and design systems.


  • Unstyled React accordion components
  • React hooks for Headless UI
  • WAI-ARIA compliant
  • Keyborad navigable
  • Support animation
  • Can be controlled or uncontrolled
  • Control to expand/collapse specific item or all items
  • Level 3 support of React 18 concurrent rendering
  • Support server-side rendering
  • Small and tree-shakable (~3kB)
  • Strongly typed API with TypeScript

react accordion


with npm

npm install @szhsin/react-accordion

or with Yarn

yarn add @szhsin/react-accordion


import { Accordion, AccordionItem } from '@szhsin/react-accordion';

export default function Example() {
  return (
      <AccordionItem header="What is Lorem Ipsum?">
        Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed
        do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

      <AccordionItem header="Where does it come from?">
        Quisque eget luctus mi, vehicula mollis lorem. Proin fringilla
        vel erat quis sodales. Nam ex enim, eleifend venenatis lectus
        vitae, accumsan auctor mi.

      <AccordionItem header="Why do we use it?">
        Suspendisse massa risus, pretium id interdum in, dictum sit
        amet ante. Fusce vulputate purus sed tempus feugiat.

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MIT Licensed.