React Expandify 🚀

Animated, lightweight expandable components for React. No extras, just effortless expand and collapse.

📸 Demo

React Expandify Demo

🚀 Features

  • 🎛 Plug and Play: Get started instantly, no complicated setup!
  • 🌈 Elemental Freedom: Use any HTML element as your expandable container.
  • 🎨 Your Style, Your Rules: Easy-to-add custom classes.
  • Tick Tock Goes The Clock: Control the expand and collapse speed to the millisecond!

📦 Installation

Add React Expandify to your project with npm:

npm install react-expandify

Or use yarn:

yarn add react-expandify

💡 Usage

Basic example:

import { Expandable } from 'react-expandify';
import 'react-expandify/dist/style.css';

const MyApp = () => (
  <Expandable expanded>
    <p>Your awesome content here!</p>

📚 Documentation

Property Type Default Description
expanded boolean false Determines whether the content is expanded or not.
children ReactNode Children to be rendered inside the component.
elementType JSX.IntrinsicElements 'div' The HTML element type for the Expandable component.
expandDuration number 300 Duration for the expand animation in milliseconds.
collapseDuration number 300 Duration for the collapse animation in milliseconds.
easing string ease-in-out Easing function for the expand and collapse animations.
className string Additional className for the Expandable component.
onCollapse () => void Callback when the content has collapsed.
onExpand () => void Callback when the content has expanded.

✨ What You Can Create

Tree view

Accordion component


More examples coming soon…

🙏 Contributing

Got ideas or bug reports? Open an issue or send a pull request!

📄 License

Licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more details.

Crafted with 💖 by Armen Nersisyan


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