Apollo Instagram Clone

Instagram Clone | A place where you could share photos, like media, and follow peoples.

Web UI Mobile UI
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Stacks Used

Frontend Backend
React GraphQL + Express
TailwindCSS TypeORM, PostgreSQL
Apollo Client Apollo Server

Get Started


  • node v^14.5
  • yarn v^1.22.5 - required for file upload feature to work on backend
  • git - version control
  • PostgreSQL - Database
  • Cloudinary Account


  • Clone the repo - git clone https://github.com/aseerkt/apollo-instagram-clone.git
Setting up backend
  • Go to server folder - cd server
  • Install dependencies - yarn
  • Make sure PostgreSQL and Redis/MongoDB databases are ready for connection.
  • Create .env file with the command cp .env.exmaple .env and fill in necessary fields
  • Provide your PostgreSQL connection config in ormconfig.js
  • Start the development server - yarn dev
  • Go to url http://localhost:5000/graphql for GraphQL playground.
  • Seed the db with mock data if needed. yarn seed
Setting up frontend
  • Go to client folder - cd client
  • Install dependencies - yarn
  • cp .env.example .env and fill the fields in the file .env
  • Start the react development server - yarn start
  • Go to url http://localhost:3000


  • [x] JWT cookie based authentication
  • [x] Upload images to cloudinary
  • [x] Add, like or unlike post
  • [x] Comment on post
  • [x] Edit Profile Photo with Image Crop
  • [x] Edit Profile Credentials
  • [x] Post pagination
  • [x] Edit / Delete post
  • [x] Follow / Unfollow Feature
  • [x] Follow Suggestions
  • [x] Post Feed based on followings
  • [ ] Hashtag support
  • [ ] Smiley support for caption and comments
  • [ ] Mention poeples in caption and comments
  • [ ] Notifications