Instagram React Native Clone

Instagram Clone with REACT NATIVE! ( Navigation, Context api, Firebase & Expo)

About the Project

A cross platform Instagram mobile app Clone built with react native, expo , typescript and firebase.


Welcome Screen

Sign in Screen

Sign up Screen

Home Screen

Comments Screen

New Post Screen

Search Screen

Reels Screen

Settings Screen


  • [x] Create Posts
  • [x] Take a picture from your camera or camera library.
  • [x] Comment on Posts functionality.
  • [x] Like Posts functionality
  • [x] View all Posts functionality.
  • [x] Authentication functionality.
  • [x] Dark mode by default (Cause why not?)
  • [x] Ui clone
  • [x] Form validation
  • [ ] Profile image update functionality.
  • [x] Stack Navigation
  • [x] Tab Navigation

Getting Started


  1. Clone my Repo
  git clone

  1. Install Expo globally
npm install --global expo
  1. Enter into the Project
   cd Instagram-RN-clone
  1. Install all dependencies
   npx expo install
  1. Start the server
   expo start