Instagram Clone – MERN Stack Project



Instagram Clone is a full-stack web application built using the MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js) stack technology. This project aims to replicate the core functionalities of the popular social media platform, Instagram. It includes features such as user authentication with JWT (JSON Web Tokens), allowing users to sign in, log in, and log out securely. Users can create posts, like, unlike, and comment on posts, follow other users, update their profile pictures, and delete their own posts. The project leverages the Cloudinary platform for storing user-generated posts.


User Authentication:

Users can create an account, log in, and log out using JWT for secure authentication.

Post Management:

Users can create posts, view posts from other users, like, unlike, and comment on posts.

Follow System:

Users can follow other users to stay updated with their posts.

Profile Picture:

Users have the option to change and upload their profile pictures.

Post Deletion:

Users can delete their own posts.

Cloudinary Integration:

User-generated posts are stored and managed using the Cloudinary platform.

Technologies Used

Frontend: React.js, Redux (optional for state management), HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Backend: Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB (or Mongoose for MongoDB interaction).

User Authentication: JWT (JSON Web Tokens).

Cloudinary Integration: Cloudinary API for storing user-generated posts.


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