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React Class State Hook

Automatically generate CSS class names and modifiers based on your component’s state. Explore the docs »

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About The Project

Use the useClassState hook to generate CSS class names and modifiers based on the passed in state:

const [ isActive, setActive ] = useState(true)

const classState = {
    'Button': {
        '--active': isActive,
        '--disabled': props.disabled,  // false
        '--color_{value}': props.color // red

const className = useClassState(classState)

Built With

React.js TypeScript Vite TypeDoc


  1. Install from NPM
    npm i @twocatmoon/react-use-class-state
  2. Include in your project
    import { useClassState } from '@twocatmoon/react-use-class-state'


Please refer to the Documentation


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Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


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