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Are you using v1 and want to upgrade to the Gatsby v2 Beta? Check out our v1 => v2 migration guide.

Starting a new project with Gatsby v2
If you'd like to start a new project with Gatsby v2 you can use the v2 edition of any offical starter. Install your favourite one with the Gatsby CLI.

gatsby-starter-default with v2:

gatsby new my-default-project

gatsby-starter-hello-world with v2:

gatsby new my-hello-world

gatsby-starter-blog with v2:

gatsby new my-blog

If you're a start from scratch kind of person, you can install the Gatsby beta and React like this: npm install gatsby@next react react-dom

How are pull requests being handled during the v2 beta?

The following policy will be in place during the v2 beta:

  • We will only accept bug fixes for Gatsby v1. Any PRs opened against v1 that are not bug fixes will be closed

  • If the bug fix is applicable to v2, we will open an additional issue to track porting the change to v2

  • All new features should be opened as pull requests against v2 (the master branch)

We're using this policy as the Gatsby team currently spends a significant amount of time maintaining two active branches - the v1 branch and the v2 branch - we'd like to limit this work to focus on getting v2 released and start working on oft-requested new features like schema snapshots and schema stitching.