My Blog 📝

This is my blog, built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS.


Stack 📚:

Features 🎉:

  • Type safety with TypeScript.
  • Next.js new App Router.
  • Dark and light mode with next-themes.
  • Auto generated Open Graph images with vercel/og.
  • Tailwind CSS class sorting, merging and linting.
  • Beutiful UI with Shadcn/ui and Radix-ui.
  • Beutiful icons with Lucide.
  • MDX
  • Linting with EsLint and formatting with Prettier.
  • Github Actions for CI.

Scripts 📜:

This project is built upon A7med3bdulBaset/next-template, so it uses pnpm as the package manager. If you want to use other package managers, you can delete pnpm-lock.yaml and run npm install or yarn install.

  • dev: Start development server
  • build: Build for production
  • start: Start production server
  • preview: build and start production server
  • lint: Lint code
  • format: Format code
  • format:check: Check code formatting
  • typecheck: Check types
  • ci-check: Run all checks
  • fix-all: Fix all linting and formatting errors