React Camp


All ideas, tasks and some solutions was created during the watching "The Complete React Developer Course" by Andrew Mead and "Complete React Developer in 2021" by Andrei Neagoie and Yihua Zhang.

Summary Notes may be found in react-notes/

Tech Stack

  • Languages: JavaScript, HTML, SCSS
  • Tools and Libraries: NPM, Yarn, React, ReactDOM, React-Modal, React-Router, Babel, Webpack, Redux, Normalize.css, Moment.js, Airbnb/react-dates, Redux Dev Tools, Jest, Enzyme, enzyme-to-json, Express, NumeralJS, Firebase (NoSQL Database), Babel Polyfill, create-react-app

    Notice: At the time of this repo was created, react-dates provides some warning in console for React v17* and library dev team do not provide any solution.

    Also official Enzyme version for React 17 was not released at the time this repo was created. @wojtekmaj/enzyme-adapter-react-17 was used instead.

Expensify App -

Scripts for Global Modules

for compile Indecision App

npx babel src/app.js --out-file=public/scripts/app.js --watch

for compile Counter App

npx babel src/playground/counter.js --out-file=public/scripts/app.js --watch

Scripts for Local Modules (commands works for npm prefix as well )

for install all the dependencies

yarn install

for compile Indecision App for prod

yarn run build

for running webpack devServer with watch and babel at once (Expensify App)

yarn run dev-server

for running test with watcher (--watchAll)

yarn test

for running monsters-app

yarn start

Scripts for Heroku Deployment

Deploy Git subdirectory to Heroku

git subtree push --prefix expensify-app heroku master

Course Description (Covered Topics)

Here is the list of main topics covered by the course.

  • JSX Basics
  • JSX Conditional Rendering
  • ES6: let, const, arrow functions
  • Events (onClick, Manual Data Binding)
  • Forms & Inputs
  • Arrays in JSX
  • ES6: classes
  • React Component (Object based)
  • Nesting Components
  • Component Props
  • Events & Methods
  • Method Binding
  • Component State
  • Functional Component (Stateless)
  • defaultProps Values
  • Lifecycle Methods (for State Components Only)
  • Webpack Setup
  • ES6 import/export (Named & Default)
  • One Component per File Technique
  • Webpack Source Map for Debugging and DevServer
  • ES6 Class Properties
  • Passing Children to Component
  • Setting up Webpack with SCSS
  • Styling React App with Mobile Considerations
  • Create a Boilerplate for Apps
  • React-Router for web 101 (BrowserRouter, Route, Switch)
  • Linking between Routes (Link, NavLink)
  • Organizing Routes
  • Query Strings and URL Parameters
  • Redux 101: Store, Actions, Subscribing and Dynamic Actions
  • ES6 Object Destructuring, Array Destructuring
  • Action Generators
  • Redux 101: Reducers, combineReducers, Spread Operator in Reducers
  • Organizing Redux
  • The Higher Order Component
  • Connecting Store and Component with React-Redux
  • Date Picker / Calendar. Moment.js and Airbnb / react-dates
  • Testing with Jest
  • Snapshot Testing (Jest feature) for components
  • Testing components with Enzyme and enzyme-to-json
  • Testing with Shallow and Full DOM rendering
  • Test Spies or mocked functions
  • Deployment: Webpack for production, Creating Separate CSS Files, Prod Server with Express
  • Firebase DB: Promises and Writing, Removing, Updating, Fetching (CRUD) data.
  • Array Data in Firebase
  • Firebase with Redux (Asynchronous Actions) with Async Action Testing and Test Database
  • React Hooks (more details in react-new-feature/