Build & Deploy Support Desk By Socket.IO & React.JS



  • beautiful UI by react bootstrap
  • display chat button on public website to start chat
  • browse website while chatting with admin
  • pause/resume chat with admin
  • display admin dashoard
  • show all users with their status (online, offline, new message)
  • enable live chat with selected user
  • flag new messages from online users
  • support multiple users from one single page by admin


# clone project in a folder
$ git clone [email protected]:basir/support-desk-react-socket-io-final.git
# open folder in vs code
$ cd support-desk-react-socket-io-final
$ code .
# run backend
$ cd backend
$ npm install
$ npm start
# run frontend in a new terminal
$ cd frontend
$ npm install
$ npm start

Chat with admin

Admin dashboard


  1. create-react-app
    • creating support-desk-app in desktop
    • npx create-react-app frontend
    • creating layout using react-bootstrap bootstrap
  2. add routing
    • create home page
    • create admin page
  3. create chatbox component
    • add chat with us button
    • handle click on button
    • show support box
    • create footer section for support box
  4. create web server
    • create backend folder
    • npm install express
    • create express app
    • server html files in build folder
  5. create socket server
    • handle connection to the server
    • define users array
    • handle onLogin
    • handle disconnect
    • handle onMessage
    • handle onUserSelected
  6. Finish chatbox
    • handle login user
    • handle list messages
    • handle send message
  7. create admin dashboard
    • handle login user
    • handle list messages
    • handle send message
  8. publish to heroku
    • push to github
    • create heroku account
    • connect to github
    • deploy app


Hello and Welcome to my coding course to build a support desk system from scratch . In this course You will learn the essential tools and skills to design, develop and deploy a support desk system website using React.js in frontend and in backend.

My name is Basir and I’ll be your instructor in this course. I have 17 years of coding experience in international companies like ROI Vision in Montreal, and now I am a coding instructor with more than 50 thousands students around the world.

I designed this course for anyone seeking to develop a support desk website. By the end of this course you’ll be able to design a responsive web site, implement a user-friendly frontend and build a scalable backend. Also you can deploy the website on cloud servers.

You need to open a code editor along with me and start coding throughout this course. I teach you:

  • Creating functional components by React
  • Defining different screens from normal users and admins using React Router Dom
  • Using React hooks to handle form inputs and scroll in elements
  • Building real-time backend to exchange messages between users and admin by

Also you will learn how to use deploy this applicaton in heroku and share your work on internet

I have used the latest version of react, node.js and in this course.

I designed this course for web developers and entrepreneurs.

If you are or want to a web developer, take this course to become a professional web developer, have a great project in your portfolio and get a job in 22 million job opportunities around the world.

If you are a entrepreneurs, take this course to to launch your startup and sell your products and services using this fully-functional ecommerce website and earn money from your idea.

The only requirement for this course is having basic knowledge on React js and Node.js

Feel free to take a look at the course preview and enroll if it is along with your ambitions.


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