React Calculator

A calculator app built with React.js using React Hooks and Routers. App contains 3 pages with basic styling. Calculator operations, as well as React components, were tested with Jest and React Testing Library


Built With

  • React.js
  • JavaScript
  • Webpack
  • Jest (JavaScript Testing Framework)
  • Snapshot Testing

Getting Started

To set up a local copy of the project

  • git clone [email protected]:akshay-narkar/Calculator-React.git
  • cd Calculator-React
  • git branch testing

If you want to repack the file

  • Run npm install on the terminal to install dependancies
  • Run npm run build to bundle the files in the src folder & product ouput in dist folder
  • Run npm run start to check live server


Calculator operations has been tested in various scenarious with Jest Testing Framework.
Main React components have been tested with Snapshot testing.

  • Run npm run test to run the tests



? Akshay Narkar