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Buket Ecommerce App ?

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Preview App Demo Buket_Ecommerce_App

About The App: ?

Buket Ecommerce App : Is a fully functional Ecommerce website with search, categories, discover products, cart [add, remove, increase || decrease QTY, checkout ], save your favorite products to wishlist page, change between light & dark theme .

Screenshots: ?

Desktop Mobile
screenshot screenshot
screenshot screenshot


Technologies & Languages: ☕️ ? ⚛️??

  • html
  • css
  • react
  • react router
  • commerce js
  • material ui
  • material icons
  • stripe

Approach: ?

  • I want to build fully functional Ecommerce website with the help of commerce.js that handle the checkout process
  • That’s what let me focus on building the ui
  • I tried to implement most of react features like:

react-router | nested-router | react hooks | react-context | use-location | and more …

Credits Contributors images: ?

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Fix issues or add some features: ?

- download or clone the repository
- run npm install
- npm start	
- start fix issues or add some features
- write clear commits describe all your changes
- save all your changes 
- pull your changes

License ©️

All Copyright Save To Ali Sabry


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