celobrate.netlify.com or old-sea-4609.on.fleek.co

Developed by Elio Jordan Lopes and Ramesh Sachan

Built at Celo Playgrounds: A Celebration Of Diversity Gitcoin Hackathon


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CELOBrate is a decentralised LGBTIQ+ Themed Forum Where People Can Have Discussions And Identities Are Attached To Their Celo Wallet, powered by smart contracts and Celo Blockchain Network.

  • People of the community can connect their Celo Wallet, post artwork, awareness posts and messages as NFTs, and the other members of the community, and can even raise funds for their cause through monetized NFTs depicting artwork, and anti-harassment slogans. Here the members of the community on the platform can donate #CELO tokens to the creator of the artwork. Also all the artwork is Censorship resistant and stored in a distributed format on the IPFS. The funds raised can be donated to causes for LGBTQ+ Impact

  • They can also engage in an open censorship resistant chat-forum, wherein they can add different people in the community as friends, just like a social network (using their wallet address and user name) as identity preserved on-chain. Here they can help raise awareness.

Highlights from the Pride Month in 2022

  • We have seen that artwork collections are used and have been immortalized in the form of NFTs — the blockchain-based digital property certificates that are proving popular in the art world
  • Recently, in celebration of the Pride Month, NFT collection paying tribute to a selection of pride icons has been launched to raise funds for organizations fighting for the rights of LGBTIQ+ community of people all over the United States. One such collection called, ** “Pride Icons” ** is billed as “the world’s largest LGBTIQ+ NFT collection.
  • A lot of funds have been donated to charities and organizations fighting for the rights of people in the LGBTIQ+ community, like GLAAD and the Trevor Project, and the world believes that once a strong community has been built up, once we get more people, we can do so much good for this world through web3.

Built With

  • React JS User Interface
  • Solidity Smart Contract
  • IPFS decentralised storage for storing NFT metadata
  • Celo Contract Kit
  • Truffle for testing, compiling and deploying smart contracts
  • Web3 JS and Ethers for interacting with the smart contracts

Verify our smart contracts on Celo Alfajores explorer here:

  1. NFT Creation and Donation Forum Contract 0x44802806B81d0Dd3a66d02B01869A484e840cA14 0x44802806B81d0Dd3a66d02B01869A484e840cA14

  2. Chat Forum Contract 0x72fE004d63ce4A48B18959A04AcF793276026C80 0x72fE004d63ce4A48B18959A04AcF793276026C80


Screenshot 2022-07-17 at 3 30 06 AM









Steps to Run Locally

  1. Make sure you have NodeJS installed
  2. Make sure you are connected to the “ RPC. Refer the link here to set up your Metamask wallet
  3. Obtain test Celo, cUSD, cEUR tokens from the Alfajores faucet here
  4. Navigate to the root folder and in your terminal, execute yarn && yarn start


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