Chat App ?

?️ Project

Chat App it is a simple web tool for chatting in real time! ?

In this application it was possible to deepen knowledge in front-end development, reviewing concepts like:

  • React-Components,
  • React-Props,
  • React-Hooks,
  • Immutability,
  • ChatEngine lib,
  • Axios,
  • much more …

? Layout

?‍? Technologies

:octocat: Environment

Keep in mind that the following installations will be needed:

Alert 1: Due to some features in the styling, it is not recommended to use IE 6-8 as a browser when using this application.

Follow the instructions to run the application:

  1. Clone the repository:

[email protected]:CaioLemec/chat_app.git
  1. Install all dependencies by using command:

  1. At your terminal set this command line to get dev mode running:

yarn start
  1. Access the generated address in your browser:

  1. Usernames & Passwords:

caio // 123456
isabela // 123456
random // 111111

? License

Licensed under MIT LICENSE.


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