ChatGPT Enhancement Extension


Prompt hint

Type Enter to send prompt directly or Tab to edit it.

PDF Support

Drag the PDF file into the textarea, then every page will generate a prompt automatically.

Additional prompts will be added to the end of each page string based on the Regex Prompt Group.

Regex Prompt Group

Markdown Support

Injected Button Group

Admin Dashboard

Prompt hints:

Regex prompt groups:

Saved dialogue history:

How to install

Install from Chrome Web Store

currently pending review

Install from crx

In Chrome/Arc/Edge browser:

  • download dist.crx
  • Go to the extensions management page
  • Turn on Developer mode
  • Click on Load unpacked among the buttons that appear
  • Drag ./dist.crx into the extensions management page.
  • Refresh the ChatGPT page

If you have any question about load extension, try asking ChatGPT


git clone --depth=1
cd chatgpt-enhancement-extension
npm install
npm run dev

# load ./dist in Chrome browser


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