Check your device when you have anything to change on your PC or mobile.

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opgg-use-device-detector basically provides physical device data and logical device data.

  • Physical device: Device information that was accessed when the site was first accessed.
  • Logical device: Device information that changes internally when changing the current state to an arbitrary device.


To use opgg-use-device-detector, you must use [email protected] or greater which includes Hooks.


$ npm i opgg-use-device-detector


import useDeviceDetector from 'opgg-use-device-detector'

const deviceDetector = useDeviceDetector(initialState, deviceDetectorConfig)


You pass useDeviceDetector an initialState and an optional deviceDetectorConfig object. The configuration object may contain the following keys.

Key Description
onChange [Comming Soon!]
storageKey A string that will be used by the storageProvider to persist the logical device data. If you specify a value of null, nothing will be persisted. Default=logicalDeviceData. [Comming Soon!]
storageProvider A storage provider. Default = localStorage. You will generally never need to change this value. [Comming Soon!]

This version does not provide local storage usage and onChange functions.

Return object

A deviceDetector object is returned with the following properties.

Key Description
physicalDevice Device information on the first visit.
logicalDevice Logically changed device information.
isMobile Check current state. (true = ‘smartphone’ / false = ‘desktop’)
toggle() A function that allows you to toggle ‘smartphone’ or ‘desktop’.


MIT Licensed




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