Password Checker

A Password Checker built with React


  • React Version: 16.13.1
  • Node Version: 14(LTS)
  • Default Port: 8000

Application Demo:


Functionality Requirements

The application has 2 components:

  • The PasswordChecker component which handles the form fields of the application.
  • The PasswordStrength component which displays the password strength.

A strong password is expected to have the all the following characteristics:

  • An uppercase letter
  • A lowercase letter
  • A number
  • A special character '$#&_'
  • Length greater than or equal to 8

The PasswordChecker component has the following functionalities:

  • The input field takes a text input to calculate the password strength.

  • The input field should initially be empty and the input text should initially be hidden.

  • The 'Show Password' on click should have the following functionalities:

    • The button text should change to 'Hide Password' and the input field should display the text value of the password entered.
    • Upon clicking the button again, the button text should again change back to 'Show Password' and the input text should again be hidden.
  • The 'Clear Password' on click should clear the input field.

The PasswordStrength component has the following functionalities:

  • The strength of the password should be calculated and the corresponding text and background colour should be applied as per the following rules:

    • Characteristics Matched Text Background Colour
      Less than equal to 2 Weak Password green
      Less than equal to 4 Moderate Password orange
      Equal to 5 Strong Password green

Project Specifications

Read Only Files

  • src/App.test.js
  • src/App.js


  • run:
npm start
  • install:
npm install
  • test:
npm test