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Admin Section | Pending Order

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Responsive Design

Complete Menu App

Built with:

React JS Next JS TailwindCSS Prisma MySQL

  • Frontend: ReactJS, TailwindCSS, NextJS
  • Server/Hosting: Railway
  • ORM: Prisma
  • Backend: MySQL


  • Client
    • See the Menu
    • Edit the Order
    • Add Name
    • See the total and subtotal
  • Admin
    • Review the orders in real time
    • Mark as completed
    • Orders organized by status

📑 End note

You can enter the admin section by just adding /admin to the link

This is my first “Fullstack” Web Application that I make fully on my own and I.COULDN’T.BE.HA.PPI.ER for real, is not the best I know the UI can be improved but I did try to make the UX the best as possible, it was so exciting to be able to use my application in web, mobile, see the backend working and being able to review the orders in the admin panel

Additional: no additional notes


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