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CLI based on Vite to generate your project easily


  • ⚛️ Support React, Vue, Svelte
  • ? Typescript support
  • ? Less boilerplate
  • ⏰ Always up to date dependencies
  • ⚙️ Choose your own tool / framework you need
    • Tailwind
    • Sass
    • Router (react-router-dom, vue-router, svelte-navigator)
    • ESLint
    • Prettier
    • Unit test (Vitest)

Get started

npx vity


Name your project

npx vity my-app

Generate your project in the current working directory

npx vity .

Specify a template: react, react-ts, vue, vue-ts, svelte, svelte-ts

npx vity --template react

Use yarn to install packages

npx vity --with-yarn


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