create-chakra example

Create Chakra Project (create-chakra)

⚒ Tool to scaffold chakra apps, without wasting time. It uses existing tools like create-next-app and create-vite and then configures chakra ui in the project.



npx create-chakra@latest

# OR

npx create-chakra@latest <project-name> --template <id>


yarn create chakra

# OR

yarn create chakra <project-name> --template <id> 


pnpm create chakra

# OR

pnpm create chakra <project-name> --template <id>

Scaffolding tools

id Template Tool
nextjs Next.js create-next-app
react React create-vite
vue Vue create-vite

NOTE: Add the -ts postfix to the ID to install with TypeScript

Include template id to skip input steps

npx create-chakra@latest --template <id>
# OR
yarn create chakra --template <id>


Pull requests are always welcome, but please ensure that you’ve properly tested and the project is working correctly.

Testing locally

Just clone the repo and run:

pnpm build && ./dist/index.js

# OR
pnpm build && npm i --location=global .

Please, prefer using pnpm rather than npm or yarn while building create-chakra locally as it will avoid conflicts. I have not tested create-chakra with npm or yarn.


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