This is my personal website, blog and portolio showcase. Built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS. Written using TypeScript and content managed with MDX.


I created the first two versions of my portfolio using Next.js and a a couple of headless CMS’s for content management, and although I didn’t had any proble I decided to try and use Gatsby. I had no problem either, and really enjoyed using Gatsby, however I ended deciding to switch back to Next.js.

I really like using headless CMS’s like Sanity.io, Contentful or GraphCMS. But in this ocasion I decided to manage my content by myself using markdown. After a little research I decided to try with MDX and ended with the result you see here.

Folder Structure

├── __tests__/
├── .github/
├── .husky/
├── .vscode/
├── cypress/
├── prisma/
├── public/
├── scripts/
├── src/
│   ├── components/
│   ├── content/
│   ├── context/
│   ├── fixtures/
│   ├── hooks/
│   ├── layouts/
│   ├── lib/
│   ├── pages/
│   ├── styles/
│   ├── types/
│   └── utils/
├── README.md
└── ...(other root files)

Most of the project content is inside the src folder.

  • components/* – All project components
  • content/* – All data used to populate blog posts, library and projects info
  • context/* – React context
  • fixtures/* – Static info used around the website
  • hooks/* – Custom hooks
  • lib/* – Script utitlities to comunicate with 3rd party services
  • pages/* – Project pages
  • styles/* – All related to tailwind styles and global css styles
  • types/* – Global Typescript styles that are used in more than one component
  • utils/* – Utility files that didn’t fit any of the other categories

Tech Stack

Language: Typescript

Client: React, Next.js

Styling: Tailwind CSS, CSS modules

Databases: Planetscale with Prisma

Content: MDX, Contentlayer

API’s: Spotify API, Github GraphQL API

Run Locally

  • Clone the project

  $ git clone [email protected]:sergiobarria/sergiobarria.com.git
  $ cd sergiobarria.com
  $ yarn && yarn dev

Create .env file similar to .env.example

Environment Variables

To run this project, you will need to add the following environment variables to your .env.local file










My pinned github repos using Github GraphQL API and Urql client for data fetching

featured projects from github

Currently playing using spotify API

currently playing card


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