Getting Started with movie_search_engine

Step 1

Clone movie_search_engine this repo and go the project directory

git clone
cd movie_search_engine

Step 2

Then install all the dependencies

npm install

Step 3

Create a .env file in the root directory. Copy below code and paste in it. Replace <api_key> with you own api key then save it.

REACT_APP_API_KEY = <api_key>

To get an API Key:

  1. Create a personal account at:
  2. Once you have created an account, go to: to create an API key
  • Usage: Personal
  • Application Name: Movie_Browser
  • Application URL: None
  • Application Summary: For learning purpose

Step 4

Build the project

npm run build

Step 5

Install surve

npm install -g serve


Now you can serve the build folder

serve -s build

Best parts of the project

Folder architecture

There are lots of popular folder architecture available. But I like this architecture most. It’s well organizied and easy to use.

Naming convension

I have used a mix style of camel case and snake case. It’s easy to think of a new variable name in this style. Otherwise developers waste a lots of time thinking new variable name.

Using axios

Axios helped me to organize all the API calls at one place. It’s easy to manage APIs using axios.

Using Sass

Sass is a popular CSS extension language. I feel like Sass gives me more flexiability. It could be a biased opinion.


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