Movie Search Engine – ReactJS

Movie Search Engine - ReactJS

Movie Search Engine an app that you can Filter and Favorite any movie!

About The Project

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This project is a Search Engine based on movies.

What I learn building this app?

How to filter content

Local Storage Data Manipulation

React Hooks

Fetch API

This is Just a few points, but the main reason this one was created is because it’s a great workout for anyone trying to learn a new framework or library.

Built With

This section is for all frameworks/libraries used on this project. If you wanna know more about the framework/library just click on it ?.

Getting Started

For you run this project you will need to install it locally using npm.


  1. Clone the repository

    git clone
  2. Clone the repository

     cd movie-selector
  3. Install NPM packages

    npm install  
  4. Run start command on npm

    npm start