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Tech Stack: React Context API Firebase 9 Material UI

Features: Real Time DB Google Authentication Mobile Responsive Add Posts with images


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Mobile Responsive


  • npm install @mui/icons-material @mui/material @emotion/styled @emotion/react

  • npm i firebase


  • createContext() creates a new context object, which can be used to pass data down the component tree without having to pass props manually at every level.

  • export const StateContext = createContext(); creates a new context object called StateContext and exports it. This context object will be used to store the global state.

  • export const StateProvider = ({ reducer, initialState, children }) => ... creates a new component called StateProvider. This component takes three props: reducer, initialState, and children.

  • The StateProvider component renders a StateContext.Provider component with a value prop set to the result of calling useReducer with the reducer and initialState props. useReducer is a hook that returns an array with two values: the current state and a dispatch function to update the state. By setting the value prop to the result of useReducer, the StateProvider component provides the global state to any component that consumes the StateContext.

  • export const useStateValue = () => useContext(StateContext); creates a custom hook called useStateValue. This hook uses the useContext hook to consume the StateContext and returns the current state and dispatch function. Any component that needs to access the global state can use the useStateValue hook to consume the StateContext.


  • npm install -g firebase-tools

  • firebase login

  • firebase init hosting

  • public directory – build/ dist (CRA/ Vite)

  • npm run build

  • firebase deploy –only hosting


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