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A free web-app for Jehovah’s Witnesses congregations, helping with assignments and responsibilities, making things easier, and freeing up time for other important things! Create schedules, view your upcoming assignments, submit service reports, generate congregation reports, and much more! In a nutschell, Organized app is:

🔵 Multi-platform: Windows, MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS, iPadOS, iOS, Android

🔵 Secure: End-to-end encrypted

🔵 Well designed

🔵 Open source

🔵 Easy to use

Best Organized features

📃 Schedules: Midweek and weekend meetings – automatic data fetch from with assignment autofill.

️📊 Reports: Field service reports for publishers; Attendance and congregation service reports for secretary – instant generation with accurate calculations.

📅 Upcoming assignments: Publishers and appointed brother see their next assignments – student assignments, public talks, midweek meeting parts, etc.

Autofill: Automatically create assignments for any meeting in a matter of seconds. Organized takes into account person's previous assignments, past partners and creates balanced meeting assignments.

🖨️ Print templates: Export and print schedules that are visually pleasing and easy to read. Export Assignment Form (S-89) right away.

🎨 Modern user-focused design: Featuring dark and light modes, as well as four color themes.

organized-schedules Example of printed schedules, automatically generated in Organized

The app is open source and secure

All app data is stored just on your device initially. If you want to share your schedules with your congregation or use Organized on multiple devices, the data will be synced via a secure cloud connection. The app doesn't store any confidential information, so it's never sent to the Internet. The data required for synchronization is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that neither the Organized app team nor anyone on the Internet can't access it.

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Multiple languages support

Currently, the app supports nearly 15 languages and more to come. If you'd like to contribute by translating Organized into a language close to your heart, you're very welcome to do so! The translation process for Organized app is handled on Crowdin, and is really easy. The whole app can be translated just in a few days. To learn more how help with localization, please read the translation guide.

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Top contributors

New features in development

We're working hard on the new redesigned release in the new branch (current main one contains old, but fully functional version of the app). And there are so many features we want to implement:

• Territories management

• Meeting duties scheduling

• Field service meeting scheduling and viewing

• Upcoming events

• Hall cleadning scheduling

• Congregation activities

• More printed schedules and forms (like S-13 and more)

We're excited about adding these and more other new features! Naturally, it takes time to develop them... If you know programming and want to help, we'd really appreciate it! Together we can create a better app for the brotherhood across the whole globe!

Want to contribute?

We really appreciate your volunteer spirit! You can contribute to the app in a few ways:

  1. by telling others about Organized app,
  2. supporting the app by donating!
  3. helping with React development, UI design or translation. Please read our contribution guide on how to do so.


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