ConnectKit is a powerful React component library for connecting a wallet to your dApp. It supports the most popular connectors and chains out of the box and provides a beautiful, seamless experience.


  • ? TypeScript Ready — Get types straight out of the box.
  • ? Ecosystem Standards — Uses top libraries such as wagmi.
  • ?️ Simple UX — Give users a simple, attractive experience.
  • ? Beautiful Themes — Predesigned themes or full customization.

and much more…

Quick Start

Get started with a ConnectKit + wagmi + ethers.js project by running one of the following in your terminal:


npx create-react-app my-app --template cra-template-connectkit


yarn create react-app my-app --template cra-template-connectkit


pnpm dlx create-react-app ./my-app --template cra-template-connectkit


You can find the full ConnectKit documentation in the Family docs here.

API Reference

You can find the full API Reference in the Family docs here.


There are various runnable examples included in this repository in the examples folder:

Try in CodeSandbox

You can try out some ConnectKit examples directly in your browser through CodeSandbox:

Running Examples Locally

Clone the ConnectKit project and install the necessary dependencies:

$ git clone [email protected]:family-dev/connectkit.git
$ cd connectkit
$ yarn install

and start the code bundler:

$ yarn dev:connectkit

and then simply select the example you’d like to run:

$ yarn dev:vite # Vite
$ yarn dev:nextjs # Next.js
$ yarn dev:cra # Create React App


Before starting on anything, please have a read through our Contribution Guidelines.


Follow @family on Twitter for the latest updates on ConnectKit.


See LICENSE for more information.


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