Dogs are almost universally loved, and the same goes for Wordle. We wanted to combine these two to create a game to improve mental wellness. Corgle is a low-stress way for users to enjoy some cute dogs while also gaining fulfillment from completing a short game.

What it does

Corgle is a Wordle inspired accessible game designed to improve mental wellness through cute dogs and a fun little game. How Corgle works is everyday a new dog is posted. This includes pictures of the dog (as well as captions describing the dog for accesbile purposes) and a phrase about the dog. The user is tasked with determining the dog’s name in the same way that Wordle is played, guessing and confirming letters along the way. The goal is to find the dog’s name before you run out of guesses! Our mission witt this game was to improve the mental wellness of the player by giving them a cute wholesome challenge they can look forward to each day.

How we built it

Corgle uses many frameworks: Python and Tweepy, a twitter api, in order to retrieve and format dog data into a json file and import into MongoDB database React, typescript, and scss to create functional components to control game state NestJS to link React frontend and MongoDB database Google Cloud to host everything

Challenges we ran into

Getting familiar with MongoDB, NestJS, Tweepy, all new frameworks to everyone Desiging the Dog object class and figuring out all the different API calls that needed to be made Populating the database in Mongo from JSON Querying the database with specific IDs Getting familiar with Google Cloud

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Aggregating complete data for over 200 dogs Including accessibility support data for each and every dog Setting up a working database with get and post request functionality Making an X button on a modal Implementing the Worlde-inspired functionality from scratch

What we learned

Learned how to interact with the Tweepy API Became much more familiar and comfortable with JSON, MongoDB, Tweepy End-to-end development cycle concepts Interfacing backend and frontend efficiently Good coding practices, design principles

What’s next for Corgle

Some stretch goals include: Rating system for each dog (some aspects already implemented) Leader boards and Minting of high schoe holder Including videos as well as pictures (after obtaining Tweepy clearance)