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Create React App companion for universal app

Create React App companion for universal app


Create React App companion for universal app. No eject, zero config with customization, supports string and node stream API.


  • No eject needed!
  • Zero config by default and customizable
  • Server-side rendering for your SEO
  • Code-splitting that works universally
  • The core middleware is fully unit-tested
  • Works alongside react-scripts, not as replacement


  • Node >= 8.6 recommended
  • npx is required


# Create new cra
create-react-app myapp
cd myapp

# Install new cra-universal
yarn add -D cra-universal

# Install peer dependency
yarn add @cra-express/core

Client code change

Please update your render method on src/index.js

// before

// after


# Start CRA client
npm start

## Start CRA server, then open http://localhost:3001 in your browser
npx cra-universal start


# Change directory to your project root first, and run:
npx cra-universal build

# This command will build both client and server and put them into `./dist`


  1. First, follow the Production guide mentioned above.
  2. Since the bundle used Webpack Node Externals, you need to run npm install --production on the copied /dist, but this time you don't need to install its devDependencies
  3. Use process manager like PM2 to run your server, your run target is ./dist/server/bundle.js