Create redux state at runtime.


use-redux-states allows you to create runtime redux states for your components without explicitly creating actions and reducers. It was also designed to solve react's unnecessary re-render issue by using useMemoSelector api.

It returns object which includes a setState function that uses same concept as react's class component setState function which accepts callback(previous_state) or new state value.


npm install --save use-redux-states


import { createStore } from 'redux'
import yourReducer1 from './yourReducer1'
import yourReducer2 from './yourReducer2'
import { setConfig, mergeReducers } from 'use-redux-states'

const appReducer = mergeReducers({ yourReducer1, yourReducer2 })

const store = createStore(appReducer)
setConfig({cleanup: false})

Basic Usage

import React, { Component } from 'react'

import { useReduxState, useMemoSelector } from 'use-redux-states'

const Usage = () => {
  const { selector, setState } = useReduxState('component_state', {
    /* initial states */
    count: 1,
    locale: 'en_US'

  const { locale, count } = useMemoSelector(selector)

  return (
      <h6>Current Count: {count}</h6>
        onChange={({ target: { value: locale } }) => setState({locale})}
        onClick={() =>
          setState((prevState) => ({ ...prevState, count: count + 1 }))
        Increment Count

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