Remotion is a suite of libraries building a fundament for creating videos programmatically using React.


Why create videos in React?

  • Leverage web technologies: Use all of CSS, Canvas, SVG, WebGL, etc.
  • Leverage programming: Use variables, functions, APIs, math and algorithms to create new effects
  • Leverage React: Reusable components, Powerful composition, Fast Refresh, Package ecosystem

Example videos

  • Remotion Trailer WatchSource code • The announcement video for Remotion was written in Remotion itself!
  • AnySticker Welcome Video WatchSource code • An in-app explainer video for my app AnySticker.
  • "Game changer or no game changer" intro WatchSource code • An intro for a quiz show I did with William Candillon.

Feel free to pull request your creations!

Get started

If you already have Yarn and FFMPEG installed, type

yarn create video