Group project for Launch Academy. Creating a review site for snow removal services.

Authors: Lilly Fang, Nicholas Costagliola, James Corey, Paul Cadle, Petar Tzonevski
Name: Snow Removal Service Review


Description: This project is aimed at creating a full-stack react/express application to house reviews for
snow removal services in the New England area.

  • Users can see services that have been added and any reviews associated with those services.
  • Users can register or sign in to add a new service and add new reviews to a service. When signed in, users can also upvote or downvote reviews, with one vote per review allowed for each user.
  • Users can edit and delete reviews that they have created.
  • Users can also filter posted services through a search bar feature.
  • Users can see the weather forecast for their location on the service index page.


  • Create a database by running ‘createdb snow-removal-service-reviews_development’.
  • From the server folder, run
    yarn install
    yarn migrate:latest
    yarn db:seed
  • Create a .env file in your server folder and include the following:
    SESSION_SECRET=”{your session secret}”
    WEATHER_API=”{your OpenWeatherAPI key}”
  • From the root folder, run yarn dev
  • Navigate to localhost:3000 in your browser to see the app

This application uses React, Express, Node, Objection, Knex, and Postgres. It also makes a call to the OpenWeatherAPI.