Solana Candy Machine V2 + Candy Shop

This repo allows you to sell NFTs through Candy Machine V2 and host your own secondary marketplace with Candy Shop. This project is made on React.js Supports the following marketplace configurations:

  • Basic SOL marketplace
  • Basic custom SPL token marketplace
  • Marketplace with single NFT view
  • Multi collection marketplace
  • Multi currency marketplace

**Prod-ready Responsive UI** which can be easily customized in 5mn.

All Candy Machine V2 functionalities are implemented, auto detected and maintained up-to-date:

  • public mint (with countdown when date in future)
  • civic support (gatekeeper)
  • whitelist
  • presale true / false
  • end date / end number (endSettings)
  • spl-token to mint

Candy Machine Preview Image

Supported Wallets

Supported Wallets

For instructions on how to set up a V2 candy machine, please refer to Metaplex’s documentation here

One-Click Vercel Deployment

One-click solution to clone this project to your GitHub and deploy the prod package on a Vercel. Your only task will be to customize your GitHub fork of this project and commit updates. Vercel will automatically deploy new prod packages for each new commit.

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