Book Collection List

CRUD App using MERN Stack, it uses ReactJS for Front-end, NodeJS, Express For the Backend, and Mongo DB as database! in this project, you can have a book collection which has a field for Title, Author, Category and price, you can add, update, and delete items! it has a form validation to make sure that the user doesn't send invalid info to the database.



Create Book
Update Book
Remove Book
Form Validation

Application installation to clone the repository

Run application

To run the application on the web, follow the instructions :

  • make sure you are inside the project's folder on VScode
  • open up a terminal
  • run yarn install to install the dependencies of the project
  • inside the "server" folder run yarn run devStart<-- this will provide our data, address localhost:3004
  • open a new terminal, inside the "client" folder, run yarn start to run the application, will open at the address localhost:3000