Metro web demo

This is a weekend project, I have no plans to land this in Expo.


Demo of using Metro to bundle Expo apps for web. Try the web demo (notice the giant JavaScript bundle).

This project also has full Fast Refresh support enabled and a few other React Native debugging features.

There is no bundle splitting, CSS handling, HTML templating, PWA Manifest generation, Service Worker configuration, React Suspense, or other critcal features in this Metro implementation.

The results of @expo/webpack-config (Webpack) are much nicer and far more sophisticated, I recommend Webpack for react-native-web usage.


  • Pull the @evanbacon/cli/metro-web-support branch on expo/expo and setup the local CLI.
  • Pull this project, run yarn.
  • Set the environment variable EXPO_USE_METRO_WEB to 1 or true.
  • Run expo start (using the local CLI), then press w.

You can also bundle the project by running expo export then test locally with npx serve dist or deploy with npx netlify deploy --dir dist

Further Work

  • Improve the rudimentary bundling practices across platforms. There should be at least some concept of bundle splitting.
  • Web and native cannot be run at the same time because Metro hard codes the usage of .native.js files. In my project, the preferNativePlatform value has been turned off in a patch (breaking native).


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