Avail Design Kit

A set of components built to be composable, extendable, and usable.



The best way to contribute to this library is to look at open issues or file an issue yourself if one doesn't already exist.

To suggest a component be added to the library open an issue and spec out the component with it's API. No component will be added without proper documentation. You can tag @pkrawc or @wade00 with reviewing the issue and weighing in when necessary.

To finish, create a pull request that solves the issue. At least one commit in the PR should be resolves #[ISSUE_NUMER], this will auto-close the issue when the PR is merged into master.

Conventional Commits

This system uses conventional commits to tag and track updates. This method automatically creates and updates change logs for each package based on the name of a commit. The basis of this is that the commit message should contain the following structure.

<type>([optional scope]): <description>

[optional body]

[optional footers]

Commit Types

build, ci, chore, docs, feat, fix, perf, refactor, revert, style, test


Current release process, it's kind of involved, but github actions does most of the heavy lifting and it creates a nice release cadence. These scripts assume you're already on the release branch. If you're on a feature branch, create a pull request to merge your code.

# First run a build and make sure everything compiles, and run tests to make sure all are passing
yarn build && yarn test

# Create a new version of the packages worked on, git tag, and create a CHANGELOG for those package.
yarn update

# If everything looks kosher, push to Github.
git push origin release --follow-tags