Turn your code into learning material

How to use it

Step 1. Copy and paste a code snippet you want to memorize and get familiar with

Showing how it works.

Step 2. Add some notes about the code in markdown.

Showing how it works.

Step 3. Hit “Practice” button and start typing the code while reading the note from Step 3

Showing how it works.

Step 4. Keep practicing and see if this works!


Step 5. Follow the project and give me feedbacks for new features or bugs!

I will try my best to answer your questions.

Why Desktop apps first?

I’m into desktop dApps built in electron and Tauri, true serverless/lambdaless interconnected apps.

Downloadable dApps desktop apps are:

  • Easy to run. No need to clone -> set up environment -> run it locally -> visit localhost:3000
  • It’s yours. Keep it.


Practice code examples

Go by Examples

ChatGPT integration (Coming soon)

Github integration (Coming soon)

Web Link Generation (Coming Soon)

To run and develop

Please visit: Electron React Boilerplate


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