DevTo clone

This is a educational purpose only small clone of DevTo website ( using firebase (BaaS) as Backend.


screenshot recorded

you can:

  • authenticate a user using a Google Account
  • create posts
  • read posts
  • heart / unheart posts
  • use MD (markdown) to create posts with rich text content
  • upload image files to use inside a post

production version

you can access the production version using


  • nextJS
  • react-hook-form
  • firebase
  • lodash (kebabCase and debounce)
  • react-hot-toast
  • react-markdown
  • ? we are using typescript here!

can i run it on localhost machine?

The short answer: yes

The long answer:

  • clone the repo
  • install dependencies typing yarn on terminal
  • rename FIREBASE_SAMPLE.ts to firebase.ts
  • replace the firebaseConfig variables with the your own firebase project.
  • run the project typing yarn dev on terminal
  • open localhost:3000 and enjoy it!

I want to contribute, what i can do?

Feel free to send a pull-request with your ideas.

enjoy =)