Display an embedded cast from Farcaster in your React app. Works with Next.js SSR.


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  • Shows the cast's author, their avatar and username, date when the cast was posted
  • Renders the cast's content with links
  • Shows the channel name and avatar
  • Shows counts for replies, likes, recasts, watches
  • Adds a link to the cast on Warpcast
  • Renders images inline


npm i react-farcaster-embed
# or
yarn add react-farcaster-embed
# or
pnpm add react-farcaster-embed


import { FarcasterEmbed } from "react-farcaster-embed";
import "react-farcaster-embed/dist/styles.css"; // include default styles or write your own

// use warpcast url
<FarcasterEmbed url="" />

// or username and hash of the cast
<FarcasterEmbed username="dwr" hash="0x48d47343" />


The embed will inherit your body color by default when you import the default stylesheet.

You can change the color of the component by changing its parent's color or adding custom CSS:

.farcaster-embed-container {
  color: purple;

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